The ultimate war movie. This movie is classically known as the most accurate D-Day WW2 styled movie in existence.

It was the highest grossing movie of 1998. It was also R rated, which was rare for a box office topper.

Tom Hanks plays a captain in the US army, trying to find Private Ryan to send him home because all of his brothers already had already died in the war. This is an old US policy. They end up saving much of the war themselves just trying to find Ryan.

Not for the weak stomach.


There is also some interesting trivia:

  • They used real Irish soldiers during the beach scene, and about 1,000 extras. It cost 11m.
  • They used many many manikins to shoot the aftermath of the beach scene.
  • The actors were in boot camp, but Matt Damon was not. This was to create dissent between Tom Hank's party and Damon (private Ryan) which was needed for the plot.